Impuls r.f. is the subject association for psychology at Åbo Akademi. The association strives to improve and deepen the teaching of psychology, as well as to increase togetherness and well-being of our psychology students. In addition to this, we also work to be active across the faculty and other associations, within psychology and other subjects, both in Finland and Europe.

Impuls helps students to have their voices heard in matters concerning their studies and their design. Impuls is active within SPOL, where contacts with other psychology students in Finland are maintained and the student’s interests are monitored. Impuls also has a representative in Tupsy, which supports the students’ interests in the Turku region. Impuls is also a member of the Humanist Association at ÅA; the umbrella association for all students in the humanities.

A central part of Impuls’s function is arranging various events for its members. These include, among other things cheese and wine evenings, theater and cinema visits, game nights, and Freud picnics, not to forget the spring party and the Christmas party, which are usually a great success among both students and staff. In recent years, an “exchange” with our friendly association in Uppsala, Freud, has also been very popular.

Suppose you are thinking about applying to psychology at ÅA, want to familiarize yourself with the locations of the subject association or the department, or otherwise have something you are wondering about. In that case, you can reach us via email:
Minea Lehtinen (minea.lehtinen (at)
Vera Eriksson (vera.eriksson (at)
Lotta Johansson (lotta.johansson (at)